If you're on the hunt for a new job and you're getting ready for an upcoming interview you better make sure that your resume package that you hand over isn't missing any important details. Employers looking to hire new employees want to make sure that whoever they hire truly is the right person for the job and that means they'll be going over every detail of the applicants they're interviewing.

They want to know your past work experience, how much experience you have in the field, what your education credentials are, and what type of skills you have that you would bring to their business. No stone can be left unturned during the job interview process so you better be ready to come clean when interviewing or risk not getting the job.


One resume area that some job applicants leave blank is the personal references section. It's not that uncommon to see the personal references section on a resume have the words "Can be presented upon request." That might have been acceptable in the past but now some will see that and wonder why the applicant couldn't have just provided the references up front? Do they think their resume is so outstanding that references don't need to be called? Do they not have anybody willing to give him or her a personal reference?

Ask Your Co-Workers

If your resume doesn't have any personal references on it as part of the package you're going to be presenting to a potential employer during the job interview stage you might want to rectify that before handing it in. A glowing recommendation from a personal reference could be the difference between you getting that job operating machinery or having to continue with your job search. The best types of references are ones that you know will say nice things about you and your character as well as past job performance. Former or current co-workers or supervisors can attest to how great of a person you are and how wonderful it is to work with you while also shedding some light on your personal character.

So, if you want that job selling cars you better make sure that you include as many personal references as you can on your resume. Three is a good number of references so try to shoot for at least that many. You can always find some more ideas on choosing references at Live Career.

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