We live in a consumer society and most of us don't go a day without being exposed to some sort of advertising. So, it would make sense that if you're looking for a solid career that is going to be in demand for years to come that this might be the perfect industry to choose. There are millions of people throughout the world selling photography and making the best commercials that have careers in the advertising field. If you're exploring your options then you might want to know what the best jobs are in this sector.

When most people think of careers in advertising they consider the creative positions first. These are the creative directors who come up with the ideas for brands, commercials, or print ads and those that put everything together. If you're hiring an advertising firm as a company, you're going to want people who can do work in art, writing, and in simply coming up with the next great idea. All of these people will be working within the creative department.

While we might all try to skip over the commercials when we are watching our favourite television shows, the truth is that television and many other forms of media were actually created as a way of getting more advertising out into the world. This means that there are many people working in media today who are responsible for buying the ads and commercials about national beer brands that we see between all of the television that we are watching. There is a media buying director of all networks, a media supervisor, and media planner. All of these positions would have advertising work as part of their overall job description. Some might be choosing where to put the commercial about toothpaste where it will be seen by the right audience while others will be trying to get the biggest clients to buy ad space.

When you're thinking about advertising today, you can't leave out interactive marketing and all of the resources and positions that are available online. Every website is essentially advertising the product or service that it was created for and there needs to be people who are making this type of advertising look as good as possible for potential customers. There are many positions, from web developers to art directors that are working exclusively on interactive media ads. And then there are those that are combining all of these sectors into one advertising firm. The biggest companies will want to get an advertising brand that is universal and can cross mediums.

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