Remember those 'Peanuts' cartoons you would read in the newspaper everyday? You know the ones starring Charlie Brown and his cast of kooky friends? How could you not? Charles M. Schulz's peanuts cartoon strip was, and still is, a staple of every person's childhood. The reason why we want you to hearken back on those days of reading Peanuts during your everyday morning breakfast routine while you waited for your parent's to drop you off at school while they went to their job is so that your brain focuses on one character in particular: Lucy.

You might remember Lucy because she was always the girl that would take the football out from under Charlie Brown whenever he would be in the process of kicking it. Instead of holding that football down in the ground for it she would swipe it at the last second causing Charlie Brown to fall. That was Lucy's most famous character trait but there was also one other thing that made her an iconic cartoon figure, which was giving out advice to each kid on the block for a measly few cents. For only a nickel Lucy would dispense her psychiatric help to anybody that would seek it. Just imagine how crazy it would be to see a little girl provide psychiatric help or treatment for five cents?

In the world of pretend and make believe a young carton character girl dispensing psychiatric advice for a nickel is funny and cute but if that were to happen in the real world it wouldn't and shouldn't fly. Only licensed professionals should be helping people out, be it therapists, nurses, mechanics, private investigators, etc. Unless the person doling out help is licensed then they shouldn't be giving out any help. That would be unethical of them to do so and could lead to some serious repercussions down the line.

Let's use an example. Imagine you are hosting a big game event and were looking to hire a company with a rental for your celebration, but instead of hiring a professional business who knows what they are doing, you pay somebody else who claims to be far less in price and also has far less exeprience. Now, think about what would happen if that particular company did not meet safety guidelines or was using equipment that was unlicensed or faulty. If you had hired a licensed company you would have a an awesome event, and no injury lawsuits. That's the difference between a licensed professional and somebody off the street that doesn't know what they are doing.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you're being asked to give advice or provide your services, be it to fix something or help with a friend's fantasy football team, always make sure to do so by telling them you're not a professional and that they shouldn't hold you accountable for anything that might go wrong.

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