Letter from the Curator

Welcome to TEDxRyersonU! Contained within these digital pages is the inspiration we believe will lead you to explore ideas of your own, because everyone has an idea worth sharing, sometimes all it takes is a kick in the pants, a spark in the right direction, or an inspiring 18 minute talk to get you there.

I will freely admit that when I first came into the role of Curator for TEDxRyersonU 2013 I was scared. I have been watching TED talks for so long I cannot remember when I began, and I was afraid that there was no way I could live up to such a standard, afraid that, when given the chance to leave my mark on an awesome organization nobody would want to see it. But here is the amazing thing about TEDxRyersonU; it is truly a team effort, and it is not about leaving any one individual mark but the collective legacy for which TEDxRyersonU has become known. This is an organization dedicated to ideas worth spreading, which means all of our team have the opportunity to collectively shape our events. Besides that, the team we have this year is stronger than I could have imagined and through their tireless efforts all of you as the audience will get to engage with some of the most innovative and inspiring ideas from the minds of Ryerson's inspiring thinkers and leaders.

Here we are, another year wiser, and as passionate as ever about bringing you ideas worth sharing. In November, TEDxRyersonU will host its fourth annual TEDx conference, and let me tell you, time certainly flies when you're having fun. Each year we have grown significantly in numbers and in spirit as TEDxRyersonU has really come to occupy its own important place at Ryerson.

I am no longer scared, I am excited! This year represents our strongest efforts to engage year-round with all of you, and that means you will be seeing more of our Pantone 485 "TED" red downtown.

So please, look out for us throughout the year, and I encourage you to come up to us and ask us questions - trust me, if there is one thing we like to do more than organize TEDxRyersonU, it is talk about it.

At TEDxRyersonU we do not tell you how to think, we share with you ideas that we believe will inspire your own call to action.


Chris Babic

Curator, TEDxRyersonU 2013

Ideas Worth Spreading